Vaccination Requirements for Boarding & Grooming

For the Safety Of All Our Guest We Have Strict Vaccine Requirements!!!
If Your Pet Is Allergic Or No Longer Recommended By Your Vet For Any Of Our Required Vaccines, We Accept Written Notice From Your Vet.

We Accept Puppies Starting at 9 Weeks, ONLY If You Have Proof Of Vaccines Given From A Veterinarian At 6wks and 9wks and Has
Received Bordatella at Least 2 Weeks Prior To Boarding And a Negative Fecal
Puppies Need to Have 2 Rounds Of Vaccines Including Bordatella.
We Do Not Accept Shots from A Breeder Or Self Given Shots for Puppies!

Puppies Vaccine Requirements​

DHPP / Bordetella / Deworm at 9 weeks/ Negative Fecal

DHPP / Rabies / Bordatella Booster/ At 12 Weeks

Each Vet Vaccine Protocol May Vary Please Check With Your Vet And Call Us For Vaccine Verification Per Our Requirements
(Puppies must have their 1st Bordetella from the vet 2 weeks prior to boarding)

Adult Dogs
Rabies: 1 or 3 years
DHPP: 1 or 3 years

2 Weeks Prior To Boarding Negative Fecal
Bordetella (Canine Cough) Vaccine: Within the last 6 months 
(If Your Dog Received A Yearly Shot For Bordatella And It Has Been Over 6 Months You Will Need An Oral Booster To Board/Groom)

(Panleukopenia, Herpesvirus 1, Calicivirus)
Negative Fecal

All Guests Required To Have A Negative Fecal And Be On Flea Preventative
We Only Require The Best For The Safety And Health Of Our Guests